Tempted by a carrying case

I was tempted to buy Warhammer Underworlds since the release of Shadespire. It‘s said to be quite balanced and damn quick to play; and the sculpts are (even if they are easy-to-build snapfit) really dynamic, insanely detailed and (if you like the style) really beautiful. And since the warbands are that small, even I have a chance to play a completely painted game, considering my speed of paint and very limited hobby time. Aaaand: I get the chance to paint warbands of races I‘d love to paint on a small scale but would never build an army of, like the Orruks or Skaven.

Underworlds Carrying CaseUnderworlds Carrying CaseOn the other hand: do I really need another gaming system? Isn‘t the pile of unbuilt and/or unpainted miniatures big enough? The thing that made the difference and made me buy Nightvault in the end was the new carry case. Ok, this might sound weird now, I know. But the new Underworlds carry case is just too great. Fitted spaces for all the markers, the game boards, the dice and the miniatures, that‘s just great and hits my nerves. Similar foam inlays do exist, for example by Feldherr, but they come with a downside: they all are made for cardboard boxes. And I just don‘t want to drive to a game meeting with cardboard boxes. First world problem? Definitely. Call me strange? Fine with me. It‘s really nice for me not being on the road with bulky universal carry cases or cardboard boxes, but a nicely fitted, compact carrying solution. So that‘s the deal why a carry case made my buy Nightvault.

Stormsire‘s CursebreakersAnd what should I say? Great idea. The sculpts are great, the miniatures very pleasing to paint (yes, I‘m indeed done with both warbands) and the first test games with my good friend Martin were really funny, incredibly fast and quite balanced. In fact, exactly what I was hoping to get with the game. Will I continue playing it? Definitely yes. The possibility of playing two or even three games in one to one and a half hours, is really tempting. If you bring your decks ready to play, this game is way faster than any skirmish wargame, and let‘s not talk about the „big“ games…

It’s great for casual gaming and in my opinion the perfect mixup between a board game and a full grown tabletop wargame. Definitely got me.