About me

I’m Viktor, a gentleman and nerd.

A wargaming-fan in my thirties, with a wife and kids, but I’ll always stay a kid of the 80s and a bit nerdy. Not the cliched spotty, unathletic, unsocial kind of nerd but just a normal guy with some interests and hobbies most people judge nerdy.

In the 90s I got in touch with wargaming, like many of us via Warhammer 40k, later Necromunda and Mordheim. Some day my priorities changed and I threw away my whole collection of mostly un- or poorly painted miniatures. About 15 years later a friend from my school days began working at a Warhammer store and I came into contact with the hobby once again. A lot had changed, especially the more artistic view on converting and painting miniatures which my friend thaught me. So I entered the hobby once again but took a completely other way than in my early years of gaming.

But collecting a large army wasn’t really an option for me. During my school days I was limited by my purse, but now my wish for artistic diversity and creativity stops me. Inspired first by the fanmade Heralds of Ruin Kill Team, then by the brilliant artists of the Inq28 and AoS28 subcultures and the still active Mordheim scene, I found an approach that suits my notions. Small warbands of miniatures, the more individual the better. Sometimes grimdark, sometimes just nicely built and painted. My skills are surely nowhere near those of the genius minds who roam the mentioned subcultures, neither at painting nor in inventivness at converting miniatures, but I’m having fun with the hobby. And that’s the point, right? And who knows, maybe my works one day inspire other players. Comments und (constructive) criticism are of course always welcome, the communitiy is one of the most beautiful parts of the hobby after all.

I’m not alone.

Since there are a few other wargaming-nerds in my clique, there will surely be some guest entries and guest miniatures from time to time. And who knows, maybe there will be entries that don’t have much to do with the hobby sometimes, we’ll see.