A plan

So let’s get into Warhammer Conquest, more precisely the Space Marines. First decision to make is: which chapter should I go for? No smurfs, that‘s for sure! The chapter of my heart is the Carcharadon Astra, but in my opinion they need to have conversions and Maui inspired freehand art to really rock. And that’s a thing I don’t want to do in an army scale game like 40k. I‘d love to do a kill team of them, but no way I‘m gonna do this for WH:Conquest and with my current state of mind.

So let‘s talk about the look: I love miniatures painted yellow, even if I know, how hard it is to paint. So maybe Imperial Fists? I don‘t know, they are quite cool but normally I like my chapters a little less posterboyesque. A chapter which moved into my view thanks to all these thoughts, are the Scythes of the Emperor. Ok, I admittedly like those chapters, which are a little weird or have a dark or at least tragic history…

I need a color scheme, which I’m able to paint quickly (talking about army scale here) and looks nice either way. I have a plan! And if I’m successful, also a decision about the chapter of my Conquest army.