Hobby burn out

I disappeared. For quite a long time. Looking at this website, the accompanying social media pages and the hobby in general, I had near to no motivation for nearly a year now. You reading this text means a lot to me.

So what‘s the big deal? Without looking for a scapegoat, it was my life that happened. Sick kids, a death in my family, a new job after 13 years in my last company and many experiences in my new job (some of them very bad, but that‘s no topic for this hobby-dedicated blog). Long things short: this real life™ killed my hobby mojo.

It wasn‘t for lack of interest. Quite the reverse: I bought so many new miniatures for even new systems like I never did before in my hobby career. Probably I tried to convince myself to paint again by buying all these wonderful sculpts. Because every single evening, when I wanted to build/paint/blog, my motivation suddenly vanished completely. It was a total hobby burn out and my pile of shame is now bigger than ever.

The crazy thing is: exactly the hobby should give me a way to deal with all the stress. Being unable to motivate me even here gave me food for thought. I even thought about quitting the hobby altogether and find something new. After reflecting a lot, I made the decision to stay and I think, it‘s the right one.

There are two reasons for me writing this here. At first because writing it all down has a cathartic effect for me. And maybe someday someone in a similar situation reads this and finds some help in my words. Second reason is, I started painting again.

I am one of those, who are tempted to become an active 40k player (again) by Warhammer: Conquest. I own quite some 40k models, but now the Space Marines will become added to my collection. Why WH:Conquest is a great thing for me? Because I‘m planning to build and paint all the models from one shipment before the next one is delivered. By that, I‘m hoping to build a hobby routine again. And as a result also a new routine for blogging and posting to my social media pages.