A matter of inspiration and time

I don’t like Khorne. From a visual viewpoint. It’s irrelevant if we’re talking AoS or 40k, I just don’t like those helmets which look like the unholy child of a roadkilled elk and the Carnival of Rio. On top there are skulls, tons of skulls and spiky bits. I’m not saying they are badly sculpted or ugly from an objective point of view. Everybody should collect the miniatures he likes. I’m just saying that for me their design is so way over the top (ok, we’re talking GW, I know) that I see it more unintentionally comic than straight up brutal, as I see Khorne. For this reason it’s those Khorne warbands that tease me the least of all Warhammer: Underworlds stuff. I’d just like to have a more executioner-like look, dark, gritty and just there for collecting the skulls. Is this the”right” style or should we just accept the style given by GW? I don’t know, this is a question of taste or faith. I’m open for discussions on this topic anytime. From my point of view, they are still my little plastic soldiers (as long as it’s easy to keep them apart for my opponents) and if there ever should be a player saying he doesn’t want to play my converted miniatures, I’m more than happy to leave the gaming table.

And if there’s one thing in the hobby you can rely on, it’s that somewhere somebody comes up with the exact conversion you dream of, even if you are totally uninspired yourself. In this case i stumbled upon the conversion by Chris aka @voodoo_conversions on Instagram. He managed to make this Khorne flakes so beautiful with such a simple conversion, I just had to copy him immediately. It’s Blood for the Blood God now, even in my collection. On top, it‘s exactly the style I imagined. And since I plan on taking revenge on a clubmate‘s Chosen Axes (I didn‘t get to last week but at least it pushed me to finish the project), I really hurried up with converting and painting and finished the four beauties in just three sessions, which is nearly a speed painting record for me…