Melting miniatures

The summer was hot. Hotter then Tatooine and Jakku altogether. So hot, that the miniatures began to melt while painting them. Ok, maybe it wasn’t really that extreme but it was hot enough to use the temperature as an excuse for not having touched any brushes for about four months. Well, together with my work being very demanding and a vacation with my wife and the kids.

But now (in this context: finally) it’s autumn und the guys of my favourite tabletop podcast Magabotato call to the second Malathlon of the year. So what’s the deal? Painting 42 miniatures while October lasts. That’s 10.5 miniatures per week, quite a deal for an occasional painter with kids like me. But I’ll try it anyways. I’d love to start painting my Freebooter’s Fate cult miniatures, but I tend to get lost in the details when painting guys for skirmish systems. Just saying: nearly three hours of drybrushing, washing, wet blending and starting over and over again until the fur of my Jokaero looked the way I wanted it to. And no, I’m not talking Golden Demon quality, just my expectations and limited abilities. And since I’ve got three legends in my Freebooter’s Fate collection, which I want to paint appropriately, maybe this isn’t the best way to start the Malathlon.

In this regard it’s maybe the best idea to look at the #PileOfShame of unassembled sprues waiting for me… It could be the right time to start building my Seraphon and painting them squadwise in a reasonable tabletop quality. I’ve got a feeling that nearly every tabletop hobbyist has a squad of unassembled skinks in his collection, right? In my case, it’s not only skinks but a bunch of other lizardy sprues…

Anyways, I’ll give my very best to reach the goal of 42 painted miniatures und occasionally share some pictures and thoughts.