I’m Alpharius too

Talking about 30k, my feelings will always belong to the XX Legion. No other legion is as enigmatic, unpredictable, so beautiful when everything works Just As Planned.

Ok, let’s look at the inventory: so far 30 Mk IV Marines from the “Betrayal at Calth” boxed game, should be a decent start. On top one Praetor, who skillfully sneaked into my collection. A first he was supposed to become a base for a Deathwatch conversion, but now he will more likely join the forces of the Hydra. On top, I ordered some upgrade goodies at Forgeworld which were going out of production. Heads, shoulder plates, a bunch of torsi, a Contemptor Dreadnought equipped with two Kheres Autocannons. Hmm, this one must have been also sneaking into the package. And soon the really beautiful model of Alpharius will be released, together with the bitter sweet Lernaean Terminators. Can I skip these? Obviously not. And there’s still a large wish list with a mix of Heresy Era stuff, waiting to find a way into my collection…

So let’s talk about the paint scheme. Well, the metallic turquoise as seen on the Forgeworld models rocks imho. A pale, dirty turquoise would fit the Special Ops style quite well and ¬†would therefore really tease me, but I think, I’ll stay with the metallic look. A little time ago, I tested the paint scheme, among other things at the limited 2016 Imperial Space Marine. I’m absolutely no fan of NMM (ok, maybe my talent and the desire that the model should look great from every angle…), so it should be real metallic paint. After doing a little research I stumbled upon the Tamiya clear paints. Many failed attempts later I found the right mixture.

So now it’s time to glue and paint some miniatures and I’m really thrilled to see the paint scheme on a large number of models. One more project out of my head and into my project case. If only I could accomplish to finish something and not to fill the empty space with the next random project…

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